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Landscape Design/Build



Let our staff of professional Landscape Architects survey your property and suggest improvements to your site, including:

  • Creative Incorporation of New Structures/Plantings into the Existing Landscape
  • Replacement/Repair of Outdated or Dilapidated Structures
  • Removal of Older Plantings Not Suited to the Proposed Landscape Environment


Landscape Designs


New Construction & Renovations

Hardscape Contractors offers our customers a wide range of landscape & hardscape design options. The process starts with a visit to the site to meet with our clients and review the property. At this meeting we discuss their goals and ideas and determine the steps we’ll take to create a beautiful and natural landscape setting.


All properties are different in some way, just like the people that own them. Some of our clients have children and therefore need more lawn space. Clients without children look to us to help them create more planting space, possibly in a traditional or formal setting. Other clients want us to help them make better use of their space in order to entertain or just to enjoy a quite summer night.


At Hardscapes we can provide residential and commercial clients with quality 3D in house landscape design options. We also work with local landscape architects and designers so that we can assure our clients that their ideas are carefully evaluated and constructed from start to finish.



Landscape Design

If you have a new property or need to re-design the grounds of your current property, we have experts in all types of commercial and residential properties. Our professional designs are admired for their beauty, longevity and ease of maintenance.


Maybe you have recently bought a house and now want to create more outdoor living space and/or replace some of the plant material that is struggling to reflect the beauty of your new home.


Maybe you are in the market to buy a new home and although you have found a home you like, you feel the builder did not meet your expectations regarding the landscaping. In today’s market, area builders that produce quality and affordable homes are most likely not going to spend the time or money to enhance the landscaping. The primary reason for this is the builder wants you to see his work and craftsmanship in regard to the home they have built. The home builder does not want clients distracted by the landscaping, so often there is relatively none.


At Hardscape Contractors we have the experience to help you and your homebuilder meet your landscaping needs and ideas.


We have the ability to collaborate with our clients builders to help both parties, in expectations and budget. From design to completion we take whatever means necessary to fulfill our clients landscaping needs.



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