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Natural Stonework and Rock Gardens in Omaha, NE

Our team of professionals at Hardscape Contractors of Omaha has extensive experience with natural stonework making us perfectly suited to design and install a wide variety of stone features. Some popular stone features that Hardscape Contractors regularly installs include rock gardens, aggregate or veneer driveways, water or fire features, sitting walls, and much more.


The Versatility of Natural Stonework

Natural stone has the special ability to either blend into surroundings in a traditional style like a rock garden, or to stand out as an eye-catching feature like an outdoor fireplace. This versatile ability of stone makes it an excellent material to incorporate into practically any landscape or outdoor living design.


The versatility of natural stone applications is only the beginning when it comes to customization. Hardscape Contractors uses a wide variety of stone types, colors, and textures. We offer a large selection of fieldstones, building stones, and veneer products to ensure we have just the products for whatever natural stone creation you have in mind. We work closely with our clients to understand the vision they have of the perfect stonework feature, driveway, or rock garden for their Omaha home.


Hardscape Contractors has the right experience and imagination to create tasteful natural stone features for your Omaha home that can blend into the environment or stand out. Let us add that extra special touch that stonework brings to any project and enhances the space’s character and atmosphere.

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