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Water & Fire Features



Outdoor Water Features in Omaha, NE

Envision your landscaping with a stunning pond, stream, waterfall or fountain. Outdoor water features like ponds, fountains, waterfalls, and bubblers are the perfect addition to any Omaha landscaping, backyard, or outdoor living space. Water features add a peace and tranquility to outdoor spaces that can quickly transform your backyard into a personal oasis perfect for socialize and relaxing. Our landscaping professionals construct, repair and advise on all types of water features, from small effects to eye-catching elements , such as water fountains and ponds.


Our complete water feature service includes pond excavation, construction, pump installation, lining and waterproofing as well as lighting and aesthetics to polish off the finished look of your water feature. We also provide a range of aquatics including bio-systems, fish and plants. If you’re thinking of incorporating custom water fountains or waterfalls, we have experts that are dedicated specifically to overseeing the design and installation of commercial and residential water feature jobs. If you want something that no one else will have, we can make it for you. Outdoor fountains come in an endless variety of sizes, styles, and materials. From sleek, modern fountains to classic, stone varieties, our landscaping professionals are experienced in a wide array of outdoor fountain designs and installations. The running water is soothing and ambient, while the fountain itself requires very little maintenance and upkeep. Additional outdoor water features include backyard waterfalls, fish ponds, streams and rock bubblers.


Perfect for setting the mood for a calm summer night or lively evening with friends and family, water features are a unique, fun way to add movement and dimension to your outdoor spaces. Our landscaping experts can take care of your project from start to finish, including water feature design, installation, and instruction for safety and upkeep. We take the time to learn about the unique needs, goals, and expectations of each client, so we can design a water feature that’s ideal for your lifestyle and décor.


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