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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Hardscape Contractors would like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing us to service your landscaping needs.


Please assist us in evaluating our performance and quality of work to help us serve you better. Just take a minute to complete the following survey. Please feel free to provide any additional comments or suggestions you feel would be beneficial for us to know or use to provide you with complete satisfaction of our services.


As always, we value your business and appreciate any opportunity to improve our landscaping services!



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Workmanship and Crew:

How would you rate the attitude and professionalism of our work crews?


What would you rate the quality of our workmanship?


What would you rate the cleanliness of your property following our work crew's departure?


What would you rate our ability to take care of details?


What would you rate the length of time for our crew to complete the work?


Do you think the warranty is sufficient and fully carried out?


Rate your overall experience with the Hardscape Contractors crew.



Are we easy to get in touch with?


What would you rate the attitude of our office staff?


What would you rate the efficiency in which your phone request is responded to or handled properly?


Overall Experience:

What would you rate your overall experience with Hardscape Contractors?


Would you recommend Hardscape Contractors to your friends and family?


How could Hardscape Contractors better serve you in the future?


Please indicate any additional services that you might like Hardscape Contractors to provide a quote:





Thank you for taking the time to complete our Customer Satisfaction Survey! Please remember to fill in your customer name at the top in order for us to properly credit your account.

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